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Company Formation Worldwide, Company Registration Europe

Incorporate a company in over 65 countries

Opening a company in a foreign country is not so difficult as it seems to be at the first sight because the foreign investors can count on our local specialists in company formation who will handle the entire procedure of company incorporation.

They will help the foreign entrepreneurs choose the right type of company for their business and they will provide useful information about the documents required by the authorities, the legislation in the country chosen for opening the firm and licenses and permits the investors may need for running certain activities.

Our lawyers and specialists in company formation have been working in the field of company incorporation for more than 12 years and they know all the procedures and legal steps to be followed in order to obtain the best results in a short time. Our Romanian lawyers can assist investors throughout all of the company incorporation steps.

After a foreign businessman delivers all the documents required for opening a company, our lawyers and local specialists will submit them to the local authorities and the incorporation will take only a few days.

The foreign investors don’t have to go in person to the country where they want to open a business because our representatives will take care of all it is needed for incorporation.

Our dedicated team of attorneys in Romania offers numerous company formation packages and out litigation lawyers can assist investors who encounter various legal issues while doing business in the country.

For any other legal services, the foreign businessmen can count on us because we provide a wide range of services, from company formation and liquidation, to mergers and acquisitions, opening subsidiaries/braches, corporate and commercial litigation, tax advice and planning etc.

Our lawyers from abroad can represent the entrepreneurs in front of local courts, if they are involved in a trial related to business issues.

Besides these, the local attorneys provide legal advice and consultation for concluding

  • contracts,
  • transactions and
  • other business operations, such as
  • import-export activities,
  • buying a company or
  • buying a property etc.

Foreign entrepreneurs can give the power of attorney to our Romanian lawyers and specialists in company formation in order to represent them in front of business partners, authorities or any other person for business purposes. 

Each busiess is different. This is why we are here to help you, so you won’t have to worry about any legal issues, while you are fully focused on your entrepreneurial strategy and ideas. Our law firm in Romania offers complete services to all who wish to incorporate in this country and our extended team can assist those interested in opening a company in different other countries.

Through our law office, we have a team of experienced lawyers in Romania and abroad, ready to help you open the business you”ve always wanted to start in Romania or anywhere in the world – we operate in over 65 countries!

For a free case consultation, please call us now.