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Physical Office in Bucharest

Question: Do I need to have a physical office for my Romanian company?

Answer: Lately, most startups prefer to start their business in an online environment, due to reduced costs and convenience, and also due to the fact that they can remotely access new markets all around the world.

Still, in some cases, for instance for VAT purposes registration in Romania, you still need a physical office address.

Therefore, Darie, Manea and Associates Law Firm may provide a physical office in Bucharest to make things easier for you. According to the law, an accountant, lawyer or other professional service provider may allow clients to use their address.

A physical office may be needed, as said above, for the following purposes listed by our lawyers in Romania:

  1. VAT purposes registration,
  2. opening a bank account in Romania or
  3. for an annual information statement or
  4. any other governmental filling.

Can your law firm help me set up a physical office in Bucharest?

Because we know the needs of a new investor, our law firm has a vast knowledge and experience in the field and can help you register an address for you company in Romania.

Any newly-formed Romanian company, be it a SRL, SA, PFA or any other type, needs a social headquarters that can be located in an apartment or a house owned by one of its managers, a rented space, or hosted by a Romanian law firm – like Darie, Manea and Associates.

While the first two options are well-known and widely-used, the third is relatively less popular and not everybody is aware this can even be a possibility.

Law 51/1995 for organizing and practicing the lawyer’s profession clearly stipulates that a new firm can host its HQ at a law firm, under a contract signed with the law firm that stipulates the conditions and duration of the hosting.

This is only available for SRL and SA type companies and is not possible in the case of authorized physical individuals (PFA) – natural persons authorized to conduct commercial activity. Our Romanian lawyers can give you more details about each of these business forms.

Although the hosted company may not conduct economic activities at its HQ hosted by the law firm, it will receive here all its correspondence from authorities (letters from public bodies, ANAF etc), clients or any other type of documents sent to it.

What are the criteria needed for registering for VAT in Romania?

Since 2015, the VAT Registration in Romania law has changed.

The main change is regarding the fact that new companies registered for VAT will have to meet the following criteria listed by our lawyers in Romania, without necessarily going through a physical inspection of their office:

  1. The person in cause needs to file an affidavit in order to assess the criteria of being able to perform their activity in the registered office or secondary location.
  2. None of the directors/shareholders must have criminal records. If they are not registered in Romania, they must submit an official declaration to prove that they do not have any criminal history.
  3. The tax authorities will conduct an analysis in order to clarify the taxpayers intentions and ability to undertake economic activities involving VAT operations and deductibility in Romania. To meet this criterion the taxpayer must file and affidavit.

If needed, our Romanian lawyers can detail these three points.

Taking into consideration the entire process of obtaining the VAT number, the process is quite complex, but the first step is registering a physical office in Romania.

Our law firm in Romania, Darie, Manea and Associates, can provide you with exactly what you need in order to be able to register your company for VAT purposes and the main advantage is it costs a lot less than renting an actual office in a building.

Foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in purchasing an office space in Romania, in Bucharest or in another city, can reach out to our team. We provide complete assistance for buying property in Romania and we assist clients throughout the essential phases. You can reach out to us if you want to find out more about your options for buying commercial or office spaces.

Our team also has extensive experience in family law issues, including but not limited to, divorce in Romania. We can guide you throughout the divorce application process and we will give you complete details about your options, including how to get a divorce through a notary public, if this applies in your case. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about divorce and separation.

Do not hesitate to contact our Romanian lawyers for more information about having a physical office in Bucharest.