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Types of testaments in Romania

What are the types of testaments in Romania according to the law on this matter? According to the Romanian Civil Code, in Romania there are two types of testaments, namely: ordinary or usual testaments and privileged or extraordinary. Individuals who need assistance to conclude any of these documents can rely…
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How to obtain an EORI number in Romania

Starting July 1, 2009, all the economic operators involved in import, export and transit in the European Union are obliged to obtain an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number. The economic operators are defined as all the legal entities performing businesses regulated by the EU Customs legislation. This means…
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The eviction from buildings used or occupied without right

What is the Romanian law regulating the procedure for the eviction from buildings used or occupied without right and against which people can such action be initiated? The procedure regarding the eviction from buildings used or occupied without right is regulated by the Civil Procedure Code, in Articles 1034 -…
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The know-how contract in Romania

What is the know-how and what does the know-how contract refer to in Romania? Government Ordinance no. 52/1997 defines the notion of know-how as a set of formulas, definitions, technical documents, drawings and models, networks, processes and other analogous elements that serve to the manufacture and commercialization of a product.…
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The Civil International Trials in Romania

What are the rights of foreign citizens in an international lawsuit according to the legal provisions in Romania? Foreign natural and legal persons own the same procedural rights and obligations as Romanian citizens or legal persons before the Romanian courts. Foreign citizens benefit from relief and tax cuts and other…
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How to Obtain a Short Stay Visa in Romania

Foreign nationals from certain countries who need to stay in Romania for short-term purposes may need to apply for a visa. This is not mandatory for EU/EEA nationals, however, those visiting from countries such as China, India, Egypt and others need to comply with the visa requirements. The visa alows…
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Due Diligence Photovoltaic / Wind Farms Projects Romania

Question: Is it a good time to start investing in a renewable energy project in Romania? Answer: The domain of the Environment and Sustainable Development offers substantial business opportunities in Romania and, in recent years, our country made great achievements in this area. Park projects are underway especially in Dobrogea which…
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Data Protection and GDPR lawyers in Romania

Our lawyers in Romania have a vast experience in offering consultancy for national and international companies regarding data protection implications of business mergers, transfers or projects and other compliance matters regarding employment, marketing, personal data base sharing or other businesses that involve personal data. We offer our support and expertise…
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Shelf companies in Romania

A shelf company is an already founded company which has not had any activity. This company was created and, metaphorically speaking, was “put on the shelf”. Shelf companies are limited liability companies that are already registered and are available for immediate purchase. These companies did not perform any transactions whatsoever,…
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EORI number assignment in Romania

I would like to start carrying out import-export activities in the European Community and I would like to obtain some information about the EORI number. The EORI number is a unique number within the European Community which is used in all customs operations carried out in this territory. The implementation…
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