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How to handle a divorce in Romania – divorce lawyers

Question: Why do I need a lawyer in case of a divorce in Romania?

Answer: Procedures concerning the dissolution of marriage in Romania generally require the presence of a lawyer, able to provide all necessary details regarding the papers needed, options that you have, accurately explaining all phases, representing in front of authorities and clearly specifying vulnerabilities, in order to help the client and to rapidly identify the optimal answer for all specific requests.

The experts at our Romanian law firm can assist clients who are going through a divorce.

Question: I need assistance my very special and difficult case of divorce. Can your lawyers in Romania help me?

Answer: Yes, of course. Romanian divorce lawyers deal with four types of divorces and our job is to help you get through any difficult situation that implies legal matter, especially when your personal life is at stake. 

Our lawyers in Romania would like to point out these situations for accurately designating all possible choices that our law system provides. 

  • The first circumstance describes the case when both spouses agree on the separation or one of them comes with this request and the other one accepts it.
  • A second case involves the generally known “grounded reasons” making the continuation of the marriage impossible since the relation between husband and wife had been irremediably damaged.
  • The third situation implies the two-year separation term followed by one of the spouse’s demand for divorce.
  • The fourth case indicates a rather less common situation when one of the spouses is seriously ill making the continuation of the relationship impossible; the divorce is possible only when it is demanded by the spouse whose health no longer allows the prolongation of the marriage.

Question: Me and my spouse have different nationalities. How do we handle the divorce, in Romania,  in this case?

Answer: There are situations when a divorce in Romania involves people of different nationalities. This is probably one of the most challenging cases, since couples are generally confused by the atypical procedures to be followed, under these circumstances.

The mutual divorce is always encouraged because it allows a faster and more diplomatic manner of dealing with this entire situation. There is also a set of regulations common for all EU countries that must be taken into account not forgetting the exceptions. Two spouses coming from two different EU states have several options when choosing to divorce. In most cases they file for divorce in the country where they are currently living. Another alternative is to decide for the country you both lived in and which represents the present residency state for at least one of you. All options must be clearly presented to clients in order to help them identify best possible verdict. So it becomes obvious that even if not being a resident in Romania or in any other country in EU, the presence of an attorney, even as a counselor, delivers the much needed transparency to such an approach.

A divorce in Romania supposes that one of the spouses is Romanian or one of them still lives here. For Romanians married to foreigners a divorce in our country is possible only if one of the spouses still lives in here.

Hiring a divorce lawyer in Bucharest becomes a priority because the presence of an expert able to profoundly understand the legal significance of such an approach guarantees your future safety and equilibrium. Please contact our team of divorce lawyers in Romania for a free case consultation.

Question: I am getting a divorce in Romania. I need assistance with the child custody and material goods. Are there any legal matters I should be aware of?

Answer: Yes, there are some aspects you need to know and our Romanian lawyers specialized in divorce explain here the legal consequences of dissolution of marriage.

Most common features that are brought to our attention through the divorce procedures relate to either marital assets or child custody aspects. If there is no agreement between spouses concerning the goods acquired during marriage, than assets are defined as common property. Marital assets are to be divided according to contribution when obtaining those assets and also taking into account their proved interest for fulfilling their responsibilities during marriage.

Child custody is a highly problematic process as it involves the presence of a child who is more vulnerable than both parents. Our Romanian lawyers specializing in divorce in Bucharest are able to accurately explain that custody is usually shared, but the court is obliged to take into consideration the child’s best interest. If considering more appropriate to grant custody only to one parent, the court will proceed accordingly.

Even when the custody case is a rather complex one, our attorneys in Romania specialize in issues related to custody and alimony and our law firm in Bucharest has the needed resources in order to represent in such difficult situations.

Question: Is it very expensive to get a divorce in Romania?

Answer: Getting a divorce in Romania is not very demanding financially and not extremely complicated from a bureaucratic point of view.

Our competent team of lawyers has the necessary background to come with effective solutions, being familiar with all features common for divorce involving dual citizenship or any other particularity requiring a deeper understanding of the entire process, at national and also European level. Let us help you get through your divorce hassle-free, while you put the time aside to handle your private life. Call our law firm in Romania now for a free case consultation!

by Cristian Darie