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Obtaining Romanian Birth Certificate

Obtaining Romanian Birth Certificate

Obtaining the Romanian birth certificate takes place at the Romanian diplomatic mission or consular office in the country in which the child was born. This step is performed by the parent who is a Romanian citizen, or by either of them if they are both Romanian nationals living abroad.

In order to get a Romanian birth certificate for the child, the parent(s) are asked to submit a set of documents. In this article, our lawyers in Romania briefly list the requirements, as well as outline the procedure.

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The documents needed to get a Romanian birth certificate

All the application documents are presented in original form. Our team will give you specific information on the sworn translation requirements/apostille or legalization requirements, depending on the foreign state in which the child was born.

The documents required for obtaining the Romanian birth certificate include the following

  • the birth certificate extract issued by the foreign authorities, translated in Romanian;
  • sworn statement on the fact that no other such transcript is recorded in Romania or at another  diplomatic mission abroad (via a special form provided by the diplomatic mission where the application is made);
  • the parent’s passports (original and copy in most cases);
  • the parent’s marriage certificate;
  • the parent’s  residence permit(s): only one residence permit is needed when both parents are Romanian citizens living abroad;
  • Romanian ID card, for the parent who is a Romanian citizen (or both, as applicable).

If one or both parents are foreign citizens who obtained Romanian citizenship through naturalization, then they will provide this certificate.

When the parents are not married, they will provide their birth certificates.

In most cases, the birth certificate issued abroad needs to be transcribed with the Romanian authorities within 6 months of the child’s birth.

The number of Romanian children born abroad has increased in the last 14 years:

  • Italy, Germany, and the UK are the countries where most Romanian children are born;
  • In 2019, almost 47,500 Romanian children were born abroad;
  • In 2022, the number was lower, with just over 18,130 children;
  • Almost 411,000 Romanian children were born abroad in the last 14 years;
  • Up until 2017, Germany was the foreign country where most Romanian children were born; between 2018 and 2021, the foreign country that records the largest number of Romanian children births was the United Kingdom.

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Services offered by our attorneys in Romania

Our team can assist you throughout the procedure needed to get a Romanian birth certificate. As needed, we can act on your behalf in front of the Romanian authorities through a special power of attorney. This document empowers one of our lawyers to temporarily represent you and undertake any needed submission or action that will help resolve the issue of registering the birth.

The multilingual birth record extract is issued based on Convention no. 16 of September 8th, 1976 of the International Civil Status Commission, concluded in Vienna.

Obtaining a Romanian birth certificate will be a required step if your child was born in another country. If you have questions or are interested in legal representation, please contact our Romanian lawyers.

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