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Are You Starting a Gambling Busines in Romania?

Question: What entity is in charge with the gambling sector in Romania?

Answer: The Romanian National Gambling Office is the newly established Romanian authority accountable for licensing the operators, as well as regulating and monitoring the gambling activity.

The new office will be responsible for technical surveillance, monitoring and supervision of games of chance included in the category of online betting organized through communication systems such as internet, mobile and landline services, bingo games organized through internet or other communication systems as mentioned above, also other games of chance involving online activity.

The National Gambling Office is under Government authority, with individual budget and assets, with state budget financing provided through General Secretariat of the Government and also using the incentives fund for special purposes.

Investors who need to make submissions with this Office can reach out to our lawyers in Romania for assistance.

Here are the most important aspects you should know before starting a gambling business in Romania:

The ordinance introducing the Romanian National Gambling Office stipulates several new aspects which will impact the overall “games of chance” legal framework. Apart from mentioning the specific operators conducting gambling activities, there are also some other details indicating as well operators with activities related to gambling, even in an infrequent way. Our Romanian lawyers can provide complete information on this ordinance, however, you can read below a few of the key points.

The main attributions of this recent national gambling authority in Romania concern the compliance with the following principles, presented by our lawyers in Romania:

  • unitary enforcement of the specified judicial facts considering the general legal, impartial and active involvement always maintaining a moderate level of participation to games of chance;
  • the protection of minors or of other vulnerable groups establishing a prevention policy on gambling addiction;
  • protection of participants which involves a transparent and responsible manner of organizing these games;
  • ensuring the compliance with general and specific state laws;
  • preventing from unwanted interferences when referring to sport results in order to protect the general sport movement.

This project also specifies certain aspects related to broadcasted television shows involving bingo games. These shows were declared legally impermissible, but the Government decided to reauthorize them as an effective manner of excluding a non-competitive environment and also functioning as a mean of increasing the state budget revenues.

Before opening a company that activates in this field you can request specialized consultancy services from the experts at our law firm in Romania.

National Gambling Authority in Romania – surveillance committee

A Surveillance Committee will be established within the Romanian National Gambling Office, with deliberation and decision making roles. Its main competences are listed below by our Romanian lawyers:

  • will grant the right of organization and operation of gaming activities in accordance with the law;
  • will issue certificates and other approval documents requested under Romanian jurisdiction;
  • will cancel, recall or discontinue documents and decisions related to the right of organizing and operating games of chance;
  • will solve complaints submitted by operators against decisions of the Committee;
  • legally defining any activity conducted or proposed for being conducted by any operator, possibly related to games of chance, only after appropriate examinations.

The adopted ordinance establishing the new national gambling authority in Romania was intended to improve and adapt the games of chance legal regulations to economic and social realities, also serving as a unique body with specific competences concerning monitoring, surveillance and control of any activity related to games of chance, as well ensuring an effective database and a reliable system able to monitor possible tax evasion.

Investors who open a gambling business need to obtain a special license. Assistance for this step can be provided upon request by our Romanian law firm.

We have a team of experienced lawyers in Romania specialized in legal matters regarding the gambling legislation in Romania. Please don’t doubt to contact us for a free consulation, we are always here to help.

by Cristian Darie