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How to open a catering company in Romania

Investors who wish to start a catering business in Romania can reach out to our Romanian lawyers for complete assistance. Below, we answer some questions about this type of business.

How can a catering company be established in accordance with the legal provisions in Romania?

Most often, catering companies are established in the form of limited liability companies (LLC). After completing the first step in setting up a catering firm, namely determining the shape you want your company to take, depending on your interests, the next step is to clarify certain features, namely the head office, the number of partners, the share of each shareholder , the period of time for which the company will be functioning, the amount of capital or the appointment of a manager, as well as the methods through which the dissolution and liquidation of the company will be taking place.

The first formalities required in the process of establishing a catering company regard the registration of the company, in the trade register, in accordance to the legal provisions in Romania.

The main measures prior to the registration of the company in the Trade Register refer to:

  • checking the availability and / or the reservation of the name – it is usually recommended to choose three variants of your name in order of preference.
  • determining the main object of activity of your future company (the core business) – it is mandatory that you establish a main activity for the company that you are going to set up, analyzing the categories of activities which are assigned by the CAEN codes. In your situation, you will need to choose the CAEN code or codes within group 562, which is related to the activities of nutrition and other food service events, which best fit your company.
  • embodiment of the articles of incorporation

Our team or Romanian lawyers offers clients, in the verification process in the Trade Register, three different names, at the cost of a single request, in order to facilitate the registration of your company.

Regarding the documents that will be necessary for the registration in the trade registration of a SRL in Romania, you can consult the official website of the law firm Darie, Manea & Associates where you will be able to find all the relevant information. Our law firm in Romania offers professional company formation services and our experts are always able to help.

The catering company is likely to have one or more work points in Romania, however, it will need to have a registered address in the city in which it is registered with the company register. Our team can help you rent or buy property in Romania that will be used as the company’s registered address. You can rely on our assistance throughout the property purchase phases, including making the needed post-purchase registrations with the land registration authorities.

Are there any other special authorizations needed in this area of activity that I shoudl obtain in order to be able to open up a catering company in Romania? Can your Romanian lawyers help me apply?

Of course. Considering the fact that catering companies operate with food and processed meals, it is only natural that certain sanitary rules strictly regulated by the Romanian legislation intervene in the process of registration and opening up such a company. This being said, catering companies are subject to approval and food safety control. Our team of lawyers in Romania can help you apply for the needed permits and with making the submissions to the Romanian authorities.

The main authorizations that you will have to obtain is the sanitary veterinary authorization destined for establishments producing food of animal origin issued by the Veterinary and Food Safety county Directorate, respectively Bucharest, within the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority (ANSVSA). This authorization is governed by ANSVSA Order no. 276/2006 for approving the sanitary veterinary provisions regarding the sanitary veterinary authorization procedures of the establishments producing food of animal origin.

Also, the general conditions of hygiene designated for the functioning of catering establishments are stipulated in Law no. 150/2004 regarding food safety, republished in 2006. Moreover, the role of the GD no. 924/2005 approving the general food hygiene is to transpose the provisions of the European Parliament and EU Council no. 852/2004 / EC regarding food hygiene. Our lawyers in Romania can provide more details on these requirements.

Another certification will be required for the operation of a catering company, this being the implementation of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) which is a method of operation internationally recognized, which helps organizations in the food and beverage industry to identify the food safety risks in order to prevent them and comply with legislation. The HACCP implementation is mandatory.

Other authorizations concern the authorization of health and safety and emergency situations, clearances obtained from the Cityhall  for the space necesarry to the functioning of the catering company, any licenses to broadcast ambient music or the formalities regarding the location of commercial in the case that the company wants advertising.

Obtaining these authorizations is important and talking to the experts at our Romanian law firm beforehand can be very helpful.

Our team of lawyers at Darie, Manea & Associates law firm is dedicated to meeting your expectations. Our team offers expert advice and ensures the successful implementation of the company registration that you desire in no more than 4 days from the date of filing the request of the registration of the company. Furthermore, our attorneys in Romania offer legal  representation before the appointed judge and hands you the registration certificate of your company. Do not hesitate to confidently contact one of our lawyers on this matter.