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Lawyers in Romania

Question: I am about to hire a lawyer in Romania. How are lawyers considered in this country, what is the general opinion about them and the legal system?

Answer: Hiring a lawyer implies a set of variables that shall be taken into consideration by anyone concerned with any legal inconsistency. Increasing awareness and client support becomes one of our most prominent responsibilities and delivering a clear and reliable message assumes that we are fully engaged in putting into practice one of the most significant principles of our profession. 

We have always encouraged all our clients not to postpone any legal matter, since this may evolve into an acute problem that might no longer have a feasible solution. Communication between you and your lawyer must be constant and effective. Even if being convinced of the conventionality of the procedure, make an effort to enlarge perspectives and ask for an expert’s help in order to avoid future inconveniences.

Lawyers in Romania, as in most parts of the world, are considered exponents of the justice system and also “high moral authorities”, able to connect the average person with abstract notion and legal practices. Everyone has the right to benefit of counseling and representation on the basis of several basic principles. These relate to independence, freedom and lawfulness, as most common values in a democratic functional society.

One of the most relevant concepts,which is also a main objective for the Romanian legal system, concerns the principle of legality, stating that efficacy of transparent laws implies as well a righteous professional conduct. We value these ideas and our team intensively explores all options in order to express these principles more accurately.

Question: I would like to know more about the Romanian legal system, as I am about to have a trial in this country.

Answer: In our country, this profession is independent and autonomous and lawyers in Romania have their own organization called the Romanian National Union of Bar Associations.

Clients do have the option to choose their lawyers, but they can also be nominated by courts, as stipulated by the Criminal Procedure Code and the Civil Procedure Code. Professional secrecy is interpreted and exercised as one of the most prominent concepts in this segment and clients are protected in this regard.

The lawyer must act for the benefit of his client; he is obliged to follow strict contractual conditions excluding those situations presented as exceptions by the law. Both the lawyer and the client have the right to end the representation agreement or the contract or simply modify it as indicated by law. Since Romania is an E.U member state, the Romanian legal system acts as well on community regulations background.

Lawyers in Romania are not allowed to act on behalf of parties with opposite interests. They cannot act as witnesses in matters related to causes they were entrusted with, but for those situations when they have a written permission from all their clients involved in that affair. Apart from the legal strict stipulations regarding this profession, the client-lawyer relation must be built on a fluent communication approach.

The client must understand that a lawyer acts as well as an advisor who can deliver an optimal answer provided that he was previously informed regarding all possible details which might prove of real importance for the case itself.  

Our team is always committed to these basic principles, exercising the law terms on behalf of our clients and maintaining the highest of ethical standards. If you need assistance witha legal case, please contact us and we will put at your service one of our lawyers in Romania.

by Cristian Darie