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Brasov Lawyers – Darie & Manea Law Firm Brasov

Willing to always guarantee professional legal help, our law firm in Romania effectively built strategies exhibiting an impressive expertise and also an accurate technical approach. Our main goal is to identify best juridical ways of protecting our clients’ interests and permanently reshapening basic concepts of law. We are able to provide assistance in a large variety of legal matters, always at highest standards possible.

Law Office Brasov – Company Formation

We adapted our strategies to individual demands providing various solutions for clients interested to open either a joint-stock or a limited liability company in Romania. Our team of lawyers in Romania based in Brasov team always offers additional details regarding this topic in order to make comprehensible all other options that may be taken into consideration when trying to establish a business in our country. Through the attorneys Brasov in the corporate and commercial department we intend to widen the perspective on matters of great importance for successful financial approaches.

Debt Collection

Following accurately the juridical principles and as well undertaking the challenge of a genuine strategy, our law office in Brasov rigorously explains each phase in the debt collection procedures. We are fully aware of the importance of creating a transparent relationship with our clients and also deeply understanding the necessity of completely monitoring the case for spotting possible features that can be ignored at first sight. Our team of Romanian lawyers is your trustworthy partner for amicable and court debt collection.

Real Estate services offered by our lawyers in Romania

Dealing with a department which is continuously evolving, frequently introducing questionable matters, the real estate area represents one of the dominant domains that we deal with. Our law firm Brasov conducts due diligence investigations, as well assisting our clients in each phase when deciding to acquire a real property in Romania. We do also provide a large portfolio of properties which are available for sale and had been previously verified by our team. Our experts manage every legal aspect related to real estate procedures providing a complete report of properties in question.

Buying property in Romania, Brasov can be a suitable investment for a foreign national, as the city is attractive both for company incorporation purposes and, more notably, as a tourist destination. If you would like to buy an apartment or a house in Brasov, our team will assist you throughout the process, starting with real estate due diligence and providing legal guidance and representation in front of the seller and the Romanian authorities.

Criminal Law – Brasov Lawyers

With an expert department in our law office Brasov, we intend to support all clients dealing with matters in this area, guaranteeing professional assistance and as well offering the benefits of a realistic approach. Our Romanian lawyers effectively manage cases in the white-collar field, larceny crimes, land fraud, immigration or traffic accidents. The team at Darie & Manea conceives progressive strategies combining intensively exercised concepts of law and also human-centered tactics, always defending our clients’ positions but as well standing for fundamental juridical rights.


Through our law firm Brasov, our team provides legal help in a wide range of contentious matters. The attorneys provide expert aid in corporate and commercial areas, real estate field, insolvency cases or employment procedures. We are committed to protecting our clients’ interests, always keeping an up to date correspondence and permanently informing him about specific facts related to his case. You can reach out to our lawyers in Romania based in Brasov for more details on court representation.

Law Firm Brasov – Investments

With an impressive expertise in this field, the attorneys in Romania at our law office Brasov guarantee a complete set of services understood as key elements when being interested to invest in any area of high importance for our country. Being intensively involved in this domain we are ready to explain each particular aspect related to incentive programs in Romania or those provided by the European Union, risks and benefits in any field and legal procedures that are necessary to be taken into consideration.

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