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Register Change of Surname in Romania

Register Change of Surname in Romania

Local and foreign nationals can register a change of surname in Romania only in limited, justified situations, as defined by a special Government Ordinance. One of the most common situations in which this change is requested is after marriage.

The surname change is possible through a court decision or through an administrative procedure, following a marriage or divorce in Romania (should the former spouses choose to revert to their name(s) before marriage).

If you want to register the change of last name in Romania, our local team of lawyers can assist you with personalized information, according to your case, as well as with the preparation of the documents that will be required by the Romanian authorities.

In this article, our lawyers in Romania highlight some of the most common situations in which the change of one’s surname can be requested. Should you require more information on this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

Register the change of surname in Romania after marriage

Name change after marriage is governed by the Civil Code, more specifically Article 282 on the Formalities for the conclusion of marriage and choosing the family name. The future spouses will decide on one of the following options:

  • They will both use one of their respective surnames (most commonly, the husband’s name);
  • They will combine their surnames;
  • They will each continue to use their surnames before marriage;
  • One o the spouses will keep his or her surname, while the other can use the combined names.

The process needed to register the surname change after marriage falls under the administrative option for name changes. An application for the name change is submitted with the Civil Status Service in the applicant’s area of residence.

Other situations in which an individual can register the change of last name in Romania

Our lawyers highlight some of the most important situations in which the surname change is permitted in Romania according to law:

  • The name is indecent or ridiculous and it is a proven hindrance for the individual;
  • The person has used the desired name for his profession, and he is already known in society under this name;
  • When the name was wrongfully written by the civil status officer;
  • When the applicant has a foreign name and wishes to change it to a Romanian one (outside of the situation in which this is done by marriage);
  • When the applicant wishes to bear the same surname as other family members, as a result of adoption;
  • When the name is specific to the opposite sex and the person has been granted the change of sex through an irrevocable and final court decision.

The general fees and the issue time for a new Romanian identity card (required after a name change) are the following:

  • 7 lei for the identity card;
  • 1 leu for the provisional identity card;
  • 3 working days for justified emergency situations for identity card issuance or 20 working days for the regular issuing time.

For complete information about any of the situations presented above, please do not hesitate to reach out to our law firm in Romania.

Specialized services offered by our Romanian lawyers

Foreign nationals who have been lawfully living in Romania for five years can request our assistance for their permanent residency applications or their application for citizenship after 8 years (in most cases), a situation in which we will also discuss your options to register the change of surname in Romania, should you wish to do so.

If you are interested in company formation in Romania, our attorneys can also provide assistance as needed throughout all the relevant company incorporation stages. We also assist business owners interested in trademark registrations with OSIM, as well as those looking for legal representation in case of litigation.

Additionally, our team can also help you if you want to buy property in Romania.

Contact us for complete information about our legal services and if you require guidance to register the change of last name in Romania.