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Updating company identification data to ONRC

Do you need to update the company information? Read this guide presented by our Romanian lawyers.

Updating company identification data to ONRC

At the time of the establishment of a company, irrespective of its legal form, the identity documents of the founders / associates / shareholders and directors must be submitted. Of course, during the course of the company’s development, the identification data of the directors / shareholders / shareholders / liquidators / censors or any other persons representing the company by proxy may change, attracting the necessity of registering the new ones with the Trade Registry.

In order to initiate this approach it is necessary to register the mention of updating the identification data with the Trade Register. The necessary documents are listed below by our lawyers in Romania:

  • The firm’s stamp;
  • Children by all acts of society (constitutive act, CUI, etc.);
  • Associates must be present;
  • GMS decision / sole decision;
  • Additional Act;
  • Updated act;
  • Delegation – if necessary;
  • Request for submission and mention of documents;
  • New identity documents and proofs (divorce, marriage certificate, birth certificate etc.) in certified copies;
  • Evidence of payment of legal fees.

If, in addition to changes to the identity and wishes to change the administrator, it is necessary to file the administrator’s statement and signature specimen. The specialists at our Romanian law firm can give you more details.

If you are planning on changing the company data as a result of changing its registered address, our team can help you if you are interested in buying property in Romania that will serve as this new address. Foreign nationals can buy office space, apartments, or houses in any city they choose; however, certain rules apply to land purchase. Our lawyers will answer your questions and assist you.

By choosing the services of a law firm escaping the preparation of all papers, the roads to the trade register and eliminating any hindrance may occur. All documents will be drafted, verified, and filed by lawyers with expertise in the setting up and modification of companies, so that in about a week all changes will already be made. Our team of Romanian lawyers can take care of this procedure and can also help you in other corporate matters, such as VAT registration in Romania or virtual office services for establishing your company.

In conclusion, if you are in a situation where it is necessary to modify the identity data of a representative of your company, do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Romania, Darie, Manea and Associates to ease your case. Our lawyers in Romania have extensive experience in the field of business, whether it is a form of setting up, modification or deletion.

by Cristian Darie