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EORI number assignment in Romania

I would like to start carrying out import-export activities in the European Community and I would like to obtain some information about the EORI number.

The EORI number is a unique number within the European Community which is used in all customs operations carried out in this territory. The implementation date regarding this number is July 1st 2009. The EORI number is assigned by the customs authorities or other authorities designated by Member States to economic operators other interested parties. Specialized assistance for obtaining the number is provided by our team of Romanian lawyers upon request.

Basically, the EORI number is used by operators to register and identify in relationships with customs authorities throughout the European Union. Also, the EORI number is used in order to obtain information between customs authorities and between them and other authorities.

The structure of the EORI number in Romania is made up of an identifier assigned by Romania, followed by a unique national identifier. For companies in Romania, the unique national identifier used in the EORI number is the unique identification code.

What are the categories of persons who are required to obtain the EORI number?

The legal persons or individuals who must obtain the EORI number in 2022, according to the legal basis, are as follows:

  • economic operators – this refers to economic operators who perform professional activities governed by the customs legislation (such as transit, import, export etc.) and also to operations prior to the arrival or departure of the goods entering / being carried out of the European Union;
  • persons, other than operators, that import or export goods in / from the European Union

Our lawyers in Romania can provide additional information if you fall under one of these categories.

What is the procedure for assigning the EORI number and what documents do I need? Can your Romanian lawyers assist?

In the European Community, economic operators or other interested persons may apply for an allocation of the number EORI at the competent authorities of the Member State where they are established. Also, economic operators or persons who are not members of the European Community are advised to request the assignment of the EORI number before conducting operations for which they are required to submit such a request.

In Romania, the competent authority on the matter of the registration and allocation of the EORI number in 2022 is the General Customs Directorate. These numbers will be requested from the regional customs directorates in whose jurisdiction of competence the interested persons are established, or at the border offices in exceptional cases. At our Romanian law firm we provide assistance for foreign entrepreneurs who need to make submissions to the Directorate or communicate with the local authorities.

The person who is interested in the request of the EORI number must file an application for registration which is completed and printed by the national EORI application found on the Romanian customs authorities’ website. Our lawyers in Romania can help you obtain an EORI number and a Romania VAT number for your company.

The Documents required for the request application to the Regional Customs in Romania are:

  • the registration certificate of the economic operator obtained from the Trade Register or other registration documents issued by competent authorities in this regard;
  • ID card, for individuals;
  • the documents that make proof of the registered office / current fiscal domicile;
  • the certificate of registration for VAT purposes – issued by the Ministry of Public Finance;

The team of experts at our law firm in Romania can assist those interested in preparing these documents.

Applications for the allocation of the EORI number in 2022 can be completed and submitted by the applicant economic operator, but also by their representative, provided the applicant economic operator stamps and signs the application, also attaching the representation contract. The representative of the economic operator may be authorized to sign and stamp the request, but in this case it will be necessary to file the representation contract, with the mention that the representative is authorized by the economic operator in this regard.

For further information or specialized legal assistance concerning the application procedure and assignment of the EORI number in Romania in 2022, do not hesitate to consult the list of specialized Romanian lawyers in this field within Darie, Manea & associations and contact us whenever you see fit.