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Why is the Notice necessary before litigation?

Are you planning to take a case to court? Our Romanian lawyers provide details about the notice before litigation.

What is the notice before litigation?

The legal notice that is send before initiating the legal proceedings is meant to inform the other party about your intention. There are cases in which the other party is not aware of the offence or wrong action against us. Therefore, the legal notice makes them aware of their acts and the consequences that might face in court. If this is a necessary step in your case, the experts at our law firm in Romania can help prepare this notice.

To be more specific, the legal notice represents a written warning that allows the other party to know your plan. Furthermore, coming from a lawyer will creates the apprehension in the other party’s mind that you have already gone to a lawyer and are ready to proceed this in court against him. This might lead to an amicable resort better than an oral discussion that might result into an argument with no conclusions. Our litigation lawyers in Romania can give you more details.

Litigation in Romania

There is no one in the world that wishes to go to court as people are terrified of this, considering this a last chance to solve a legal issue. The legal notice clearly show that you ran out of patience and ways to solve this. Moreover, the notice can be a good way to obtain the wanted results more than a verbal discussion, the debtor being able to write a legal reply that will serve as a mutual agreement between the two parties. Why not do that, since it is a very powerful tool and costs far less than a litigation suit. The costs vary between different Romanian lawyers, but it is definitely more cost-efficient than going to court.

Through this legal notice any doubts regarding either party’s intentions will be erased once the note is received and the debtor replies back. It there is no reply, it is clear that the accused party took is casually and legal proceedings may begin. The notice represents a record that the creditor gave the debtor notice before starting a suit against him and can be attached to the documents presented in court as a proof during litigation.

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