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About Business Permits and Licenses in Romania

Question: I am interested in obtaining a commercial license for my business in Romania. Where can I apply and how can your lawyers in Romania assist?

Answer: Darie & Manea Law Firm has helped an important number of foreign clients to establish their businesses in Romania. Not only did we provide assistance in the formation of new Romanian companies or Romanian branches of existing foreign corporate entities, but our lawyers in Romania also helped during the entire process of starting up a company in Romania.

This includes selection of appropriate business entities and the procurement of commercial and regulatory licenses after the actual incorporation. Our team of Romanian lawyers is able to provide detailed information about the types of permits that are required, after you provide us with a number of key details, most notably the selected business field.

These Romanian special permits are needed in order to conduct a number of business activities in Romania. Common examples would include insurance, banking, transport, e-payment, accounting firms, recruiting of personnel, pharmaceutical activities, gamblingetc. Our Romanian lawyers can help you obtain any type of business permit and can also help you open any type of company, from micro companies in Romania to joint stock companies.

The licenses and permits are obtained from different sources like ministries or other official organizations.

Clients who require legal assistance in other areas of law can reach out to our team for a complete list of our services. We also assist foreigners who are interested in buying property in Romania and have questions about the mandatory steps and the duration of the process. We can also give you information about obtaining a fiscal identification number, required to complete the property purchase.

Apart from licensing matters, you can also request our assistance if you are interested in knowing more about the procedure for getting divorced in Romania. The most common reason for divorce includes the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, however, the spouses can also request this if they have already been separated for at least 2 years. Our divorce lawyers can tell give you more information.

Darie & Manea Law Firm is a law firm in Romania that is able to provide you with detailed legal reports containing step-by-step expositions of the proceedings related to these special permits and, of course, full service assistance during these proceedings. Call us now for a free consultation.