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Real Estate Lawyers in Romania

Question: I need to run a property verification in Romania, can you help me?

Answer: Knowing that one of the major business opportunities in Romania today is real estate, we have established an expert team of Romanian lawyers, committed to develop creative and professional solutions adapted to our clients` business interests.

Our law firm in Romania has founded its own real estate agency, hence we can provide the profitable opportunities in Romanian real estate investments. Just send us a short e-mail with your requests and you will be contacted within 48 hours. 

Question: I am from New Zealand, interested in buying property in Romania, but I need legal advice at first and am looking for one of the best lawyers in the field, as the land I want to purchase presents difficulties of buying.

Answer: We can definitely help you, rest asssured we offer a unique and effective service to our clients willing to purchase real estate properties in Bucharest or in any other Romanian city. Take a look below and contact us to start a collaboration.

Our Romanian lawyers are specialized in real estate cases, solving complex issues regarding residential, offices, mixed-used real estate projects or shopping centers in Romania. Through our past experience we have represented many clients in their processes of selling or buying properties, or even an entire property portfolio, participation of mortgages, purchases, restructuration and workouts, financing properties and projects, retail leasing, offices or even joint venture development. In other words, Darie, Manea and Associates, can help you get the maximum out of your investments with good and researched decisions, as real estate investments are high investments and need a lot of time and documentation.

When you decide to start your journey on the real estate road, an experienced real estate attorney is a really valuable asset as you might miscalculate some fees or additional costs, so he can help you avoid any unnecessary costs and oversight. We do know that your time is valuable, and any indecision might cost you in the end, so we can do a fast hands-on approach in order to help you make a time efficient and well-informed choice to invest your capital, that will result eventually in a profitable business.

No matter if you are interested in buying a home or a business office, or even an entire building for your company, our real estate attorneys in Romania will guide you through the complex investment process, by offering legal advice for commercial or residential real estate. We cover both real estate litigation and transactional documents.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

Entrepreneurs know that the place you run your business is very important, as most companies do rely on location in order to be able to get a constant number of customers and sales, no mater if it chooses to be small or big. Our real estate lawyers in Romania can help you make the best decision as we have a specialized background in real estate issues.

Residential Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

Most people do believe that buying a home is the most important purchase of their lives, so in order to protect your investment you will need the knowledge of a real estate attorney to guide you.

Assistance for real estate disputes provided by our laweyers in Romania 

Even if it is just a disagreement between neighbors over access or a conflict during sale negotiations, real estate disputes can escalate fast and roughly. Our lawyers from Darie, Manea and Associates, we are here to sustain you in solving the issues fast, with minimum costs, in order to enjoy your property faster.


If you have a lien on your property, you won’t be able to sell or transfer titles, but a real estate lawyer can help you negotiate, obtain a settlement and remove the lien faster.


Most real estate agents usually go for standard contracts that include the same language for ant transaction, and this contracts usually are ok for most people, but they aren’t personalized for properties or parties involved. It has happened during our real estate work, for clients to come to us due to the fact that they have discovered substantial errors in their paperwork a long time after they signed and paid for the property. It is very hard and costly to try to right the wrongs after the transaction has been finalized.

Representation of Buyer/Seller

Having one of our real estate attorneys Romania to represent when buying or selling a property will help you reduce risks and have an easier and smoother process.

No matter if you are interested in buying a residential or a commercial building, our lawyers can help you, since we know it is a big investment of money and also time. There are many important parties involved in the transaction, from lenders to inspectors, and we can represent you in relationship with each of them, in order to get you the best deal possible and protect your rights and interests. Buyer representation services include: negotiation terms, contract explanation and review, analyzing and determining which is the best way to get that specific title, review the chain of title and commitment, taking on conversations and coordination with the lender, document preparation and review before closing, give you all needed explanations and attending the closing. This way you won’t need to stress out with any arising problem, as that might be the case in any real estate transaction, as we are here to solve them fast.

On the other hand, when you are the seller, a real estate attorney can assist you by paper review and explanation, negotiation, title and settlement, or even litigation or contract disputes, if necessary. We can help you achieve your purpose through contract review, repairs, title insurance and examination, realistic advice and reviewing the closing documents.

Due Diligence in Romania

The team of experts at our Romanian law firm provides the following services:

  • Complete legal assistance in starting up a Romanian company (S.R.L.) in order to enable a real estate purchase in Romania;
  • Contract reviewing and negotiation with the developer or seller;
  • DUE DILIGENCE report which includes: checking the property at the Land Registry for possible mortgages or loans, checking the position of gas pipes, water pipes and electricity lines and in-depth verification of the owner for fiscal debts;
  • Assistance and representation in front of the public notary when the pre-sale or sale agreements are signed;
  • Carrying out the legal procedures to register title deeds as well as any other necessary documents.

Additional services 

Our team of lawyers in Romania is also able to offer different other services, such as:

  • Providing legal counseling and assistance in settlement procedures involving the acquiring and the exercising of the right to own or use real property (land or buildings);
  • Assisting and representing in front of the official institutions in order to obtain property or any other documents related to land and buildings legal status;
  • Assisting and representing in front of the official institutions for obtaining the certificates and licenses requested for developing building projects;
  • Drawing up legal opinions concerning the issues related to the ownership or usage right for land and buildings;
  • Representing in trial, appeal and review courts and any other authorities for obtaining the ownership right for land and buildings.
  • Representation before trial, review and supreme courts in real estate claim lawsuits and carrying out reinstatement procedures.

Our  real estate lawyers in Romania can handle various complex transactions, covering the legal and regulatory issues in buying and selling, public and private construction, public works, property development and investment, property finance, property insurance, leasing/concession, and mortgages as well as recovery and security enforcement, joint ventures, special residential and office projects.

Darie & Manea law firm has relevant experience in representing owners and lenders in complex real estate issues and bankruptcy matters, and handling the real estate part of major merger and acquisition transactions. Our professional lawyers are actively involved in all aspects of title clearing, the negotiation and preparation of documents and, when required, the prosecution or defense of foreclosure, bankruptcy and other related litigations.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable Romanian attorneys can professionally handle any type of real estate transaction always protecting our clients’ best interests. For a free case consultation, please call us now!