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Benefits of a Bucharest Registered Office

Question: For how long can I purchase the service of a virtual office in Bucharest? Is there a law stipulating this time frame?

Answer: An optimal alternative for business individuals, interested to carry out their activity through a registered office in Bucharest, is the approach provided through the Law no. 51/1995, on law practice and lawyer’s profession. 

The legal background in question specifies that a registered address Romania may be allowed at a lawyer’s bureau domicile for no longer than a year and without an option for extending this term.

Choosing a Bucharest registered office with these prerogatives turns to be an unexpected benefit since it helps saving time and there are no unwanted expanses. Our law firm in Romania can help you in this matter.

Question: Can your lawyers in Romania list the sustantial benefits of a registered address in Romania?

Answer: Of course, let us explain to you why we believe that having a registered address with us is one of the best investments in your business. 

Opting for this approach means that the applicant will not be requested to ask for neighbors’ approval or the householders’ association acceptance. This also implies that the entity in question may use the provided address for business purposes which also includes receiving mails and keeping the standard contact with clients. The period of time usually required for establishing any type of company will be significantly decreased.

Apart from these helpful features, we are able to guarantee professional legal services in any area involved by the corporate and commercial field. Choosing the Bucharest registered office package that we offer also places our experiences at your disposal, providing you the chance to ask for an expert’s opinion regarding any juridical issue related to your business activity. We list below the services included in this package. For any further details or information please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Bucharest Registered Office Package offered by our lawyers in Romania inlcudes the following:

  1. In order to benefit from a registered address Romania we are able to perform the registration of the company at the address of the service provider for 1 year.
  2. Receiving mail and informing the client about it.

Our team of Romanian lawyers can answer any additional questions about the registered address and the mandatory conditions for company formation in the country. Reach out to find out more about our services.